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Week of January 18th


Thank you for making Friday's Annual Day of Service a positive experience for our students and staff. I am proud of the fact that we set aside time to reflect on the legacy of Dr. King. On Friday, I had the pleasure of joining 5th grade who went off-site to donate snack bags assembled for children at HomeFront. Our keynote speaker, Richard Scheetz, shared how he and his staff had volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. I would be interested in pursuing a similar opportunity if there is interest among staff.

A few other thank you's:

+ CHEER for hosting Thursday's staff holiday party

+ Sean for coordinating Saturday's concert in Philly to see the Legwarmers

+ All staff who dressed up on Wednesday. Our first 80's Day celebration was too much fun! Looking forward to another event in March. Stay tuned...

Finally, I will be visiting Johnson Park School in Princeton tomorrow morning. Looking forward to spending this time with the principal, Dr. Robert Ginsberg, touring his building and discussing education. Dr. Ginsburg will do the same at our school sometime this year. It's a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a principal of another well respected elementary school.

Have a wonderful week!


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Wednesday's Faculty Meeting

Report card training will take place at Wednesday's faculty meeting. It will be important for all staff to be present, so please make sure you have childcare, don't make appointments, etc.

The following is our schedule:

3:45 - 4:25 (Grade 4-5 classroom teachers)

4:30 - 5:15: (K-3 and special area teachers)

Jane Ellen will lead this training. Teachers should be meeting with PLCs when not scheduled to be with Jane Ellen.

Lunch Duty Help

We are struggling to provide lunch duty coverage when staff members who do not request subs are absent. As a result, I would like to generate a list of interested staff members who would be willing to assist when there is a need. Teachers would be financially compensated as per contract. Click here to sign-up. Simply enter your name and when you are available. Thanks so much in advance for your consideration!

January 26th Meeting

Our additional 90-minute faculty meeting will take place next Tuesday. Please email me topics of interest by this Thursday. I'd like to offer a few break out sessions based on your interests and needs.

Reminder: Enrichment Clusters

Thanks for completing the Enrichment Clusters survey. May is the preferred month among staff members.

The form to submit your class idea is now live. Click here to sign up! I've spoken with some teachers who are a bit stressed about coming up with an idea. Any and all classes offered by staff will be embraced by our kids! My advice is to focus on something you are passionate about and enjoying doing. Once again, the expectation is that every staff member lead a class or support someone who is leading.

Let a member of Principal's Cabinet or me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to offering this experience to our students and staff!

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Tech Byte from Vikki

Have you ever wondered how to get your photos and videos onto your computer from your other devices? Read this week's Tech Byte to find out how!

Field Trips and Workshops

Please make sure you submit paperwork at least 45 days prior to a field trip or professional development day for Board approval. Trips may not be approved by the district unless requests are submitted as per this timeline. Thanks!

February Menu

Our February Menu has been posted. Some new entrees have been added this month including grilled chicken on a brioche roll and tilapia francese with rice pilaf and broccoli. If interested, please pre-order online. The cost is $4.75 which includes a beverage.

Upcoming Events

1/20 - Faculty Meeting

1/26 - Additional 90-minute Meeting

1/29 - End of marking period

Upcoming Professional Development Days

2/2 - Olivia Wahl (grade 4)

2/3- Olivia Wahl (grade 3)

2/4 - Olivia Wahl (grade 5)

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