Ament's Anchor

a weekly newsletter 11-19-13

A peek at our week...

Reading: We will continue with Mr. Popper's Penguin's this week reading Chapters 13-16. We have a new vocabulary quizlet on Edmodo. Please make sure to study these words nightly! We will have an open book comprehension quiz on Friday, along with a vocab quiz. Please remember to bring your book back to school if you take it home!

* Vocab test Friday (words on Edmodo in Quizlet)

*Comprehension test Friday (chapter 13-16 open book)

Math: We are wrapping up Topic 11 this week. Our test will be Friday. We will continue to have our multiplication facts test every Wednesday. Please continue to study these. We are down to 4 students not passing their 2's!! Keep studying :) They have a minute and 30 seconds to do 25 problems! You need to make this a priority to practice nightly for speed! You can use this website to practice, or just the good old flash cards :) Thank you for your support.

Science: We will continue our unit on the Sun and planets! The students will be coming home with lots of songs (that I'm sure you will be tired of :)) We will be using our Science text book (Ch 4) to guide us along our adventure to the sun. We will have a quiz when the students are prepared. I will make sure that they have plenty of time to study.


SCIENCE: we will be creating a model of the sun. We need lost of shredded newspaper, 5 bottles of liquid starch, and 18 medium sized paper bowls.

THANKSGIVING CRAFT: Each student will need a pine cone (medium is best) by FRIDAY. If you have a lot in your yard, please send in as many as you can. Some students may not have any. Thanks so much.

Important Dates & Information

  • 11-21-13 (Thursday) Field trip to MOSH (wear your new 3rd grade t-shirt)
  • 11-27 through 11-29 Thanksgiving Break
  • 11-20 progress reports available on HAC. Please let me know if you can not access them.
  • 11-22 (this Friday) Crazy hat and sock day. Donations $1.00

Things to Remember

  • I emailed a list of ideas to help prepare your child for the upcoming FCAT. This does not mean that this is homework. These websites would be great to work on during the Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Bribe them...Santa is watching :)
  • For our field trip, please remember to pack a brown bag lunch (everything labeled), with your drink packed separately. There will be no shopping at the gift shop, so when they beg for money, make them read this newsletter!! LOL
  • Today was the last day for a special dismissal note on the day of the field trip. You will not be able to check out your child unless you sent in a note. Thanks so much.
  • Please note that progress report science grades will not be available tomorrow. I am in the process of grading their monochromatic research reports (which were awesome!). Thanks for your understanding :)

Resource Schedule for the week

Mon: Day 5: Art

Tue: Day 6: PE

Wed: Day 7: Nothing

Thur: Day 8: Field Trip (skip media)

Fri: Day 1: PE


Great job Becca. Keep soaring in the classroom!