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General information about Sicily

is the the biggest island in Mediterranean Sea.
It's a part of Italy, Sicily has the same size of Belgium
There are enough beaches to swim and relax, about 1000 kilometers of coastline.
Sicily is a vulcanic island with the biggest active vulcano in Europe: The Etna
The capital city is Palermo
Sicily has a population of 5 million people.
in the middle of the country are a lot of mountains with a lot of rocks
on the mountains are several villages builded.
The mountains are not higher than 1000 meters.

Typical Sicilyan food
is Arancine (Rice Balls)
they eat a lot of it
It sound weird but it's very delicious

What they eat as dessert is Torta Sevetteli and Sicillian Cannoli
Torta Setteveli is a chocolate cake made of 7!! layers of chocolate and hazelnuts.

the Sicillian Cannolithe is probably the first one that pops into your mind: a crispy brown shell filled with fresh sweet sheep milk ricotta and chocolate chips, garnished with candied fruits. A classic one!

The things you have to visit are the Catacombs of the cappuccini in Palermo
its a underground room with dead bodies of the capuchins
also you gotta visit Palazzo dei Normanni
a Palace in the sicilian capital city Palermo

Guaranteed to be relaxed

Our holiday in Palermo

when we were arrived,
we unpacked our stuff in our room.
after that we sleeped 6 hours.
Jarnick would like to go to the match:
US Palermo against Juventus.
so we drived to Stadio Renzo Barbera,

to see the match
The match was really nice because the fantastic goals of US Palermo.

then we were driving to home to eated and sleeped at a local hotel

the next day we've bin to the Cliffs

after some jumps we've eaten some arancines
Jarnick thought it was a crunchy deep-fried meatball
But there was nothing but rice in it

Nick was really tired and wanted some sleep
so we were going to our appartement and sleeped some hours

it was Saturday (our last day) and Jarnick wanted to jump of the Cliffs,
so we were walking to the beach .
at the beach we meeted our friends again,
it was very nice to see them and having fun with them.
after that it was very hard to say goodby.

it was a very nice holiday.
The End

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Video Jarnick

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