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The Stryker orthopedics started receiving complains regarding the hip replacements device from the 1st half of 2012 .Within a few months the complains began to increase in number which finally led to the recalling of the devices launched by the Stryker Orthopedics.

Though initially Stryker hip replacement recall process was not initiated by the company. instead they issued a Field Safety Notice to all the surgeons specialized in hip replacement .The notice indicated that there was a minute revision (1%) which might have an adverse affect on the patient.

Some of the potential reasons that led to the Stryker hip replacement recalls are mentioned below:

The allergic reaction caused from the metal might require revision of the surgery.

One of the alarming side effects after the Stryker hip replacement is the deposition of the metal debris .This might lead to the loss of the bones around the implanted location.

Another negative side effect that led to the Stryker hip replacement recall is the Adverse local tissue reaction or ALTR, a situation where excess metal debris gets deposited in the affected area and its immediate surroundings. The ALTR leads to pain, death of tissue and sometimes revision of the surgery.

However the notice did not mention the possibilities of any kind of metal poisoning or toxicity. This particular incident does bring back the memory of the De puy Hip Implantation, another instance of hip replacement that led to the release of metal rubble from the implantation.

Finally during the last week of May.2012 the Stryker Orthopedics made an announcement of Stryker hip replacement recall and thus terminating the global distribution of ABG II and Rejuvenate models. While retrieving the devices the Stryker announced the probable reasons of the malfunction is due to the flaws in the design .The faulty designing of the device led to the rubbing of the metal parts and thus creating the unwanted metal debris which in turn is affecting the surrounding bones and tissues. It has also been observed that longer this debris were allowed to accumulate the more serious is the danger .The immediate remedy recommended to avoid this fatal condition is is the surgical intervention .Immediate steps will prevent the tissue and the bones from serious and irreversible damage.

The metal rubble apart from damaging the bones also pollutes the blood stream. The pink tissues turns grey as the metal debris deposits on the affected area.

In many cases the Stryker hip replacement recall becomes necessary due to the growth of pseudo tumor and lumps below the skin. This fluid sac is an example of the attempt made by the body to accumulate the poisonous metal .In many cases the pseudo tumor remains invisible to naked eye and can be detected only though MRI.

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