Friday Coffee Chat!

Shining Diamonds!

Fun Friday KUDOS!

It's FRIDAY!!! TGIF to a FABULOUS week of growing your businesses!!! Cheers to ALL of you for taking time this week to reach out, book, style, sponsor and sell!

BIG Cheers to ....

Ashley Janis, Kelly Smith and Amy Wrobal and their BIG BIG promotions to Associate Stylist this month!

HUGE Congrats to those ladies who earned their $500 coupon for $99!!! They sold $2000 who far this quarter! Are you close? GO FOR IT!!! We have FIVE more days!!!

Katherine Foster

Ashley Janis

Shannon Burgwald

Kaylia Austin

Megan Filipowicz

Kelly Smith

amy wrobel

Christine Valenti

Kim Macomber

Suzy Albert

Meghan Scott

Taryn Stabler

Carolyn Bowden

Megan Wittmann

Jeanine Nau

Bonnie Frain

Jennifer Francis

Kimberly Benny

Mary McGarr

Beth Quartel

Allison Rago

Bridget Evans

Debra Gail Martin

Jennifer Blunk

Laura Lynch

Sandra Mc Grath

Kati Ayres

Michelle Lausch

Heather Irwin

Shayna Schwartz

Kristina McKillop

Kellie Fletcher

Lauren Harrington

Holly Herbener

Kristin Lawlor

Adriana Lusardi

Karen Krepper

Rachel Cogan

April Rineer

Hello LEVEL ONE Glam earners!!!

Ashley Janis

Shannon Burgwald

Kaylia Austin

Megan Filipowicz

Kelly Smith

amy wrobel

Kimberly Macomber

Level TWO!!!

Kate Foster

I know so many of you are going for this goal and many more. Remember...this is YOUR business! Make sure you are looking and reviewing your NEW DASHBOARD to see where you are every month! It's never to late to start fresh and jump back in either. Now is the time...HOLIDAYS are coming! I challenge you to book your shows and you will thank me in December!



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BOO-TIFUL October!!

Ok..Are you ready for a BOO-TIFUL October and a GIFT CARD FOR YOUR FAVORITE MAKEUP!!!

Who wants to win a gift card to scoop up some new fall shades and colors from Your go to makeup spot??!!

****To be Entered into the Raffle: You must have 2 trunk shows entered, held and qualified ($500+) between October 1st and October 15th

*****Fun Twist: For every Stylist that is entered into the raffle (ie, books, holds, and qualifies 2 ts between Oct 1st and Oct 15th) the gift card will increase by $10! Example, 2 Stylists entered = $20 gift card, 4 Stylist entered = $40, 6 Stylists = $60!!!

So let's cheer each other on AND get this gift card nice and big!!!

Who's IN?

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Have your BOOKED TWO Shows? (October 1-15th!) Fill out the survey below!

Team Call this Week!

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Every other Monday we will do a TEAM Call with tips from one of your fellow stylists!

This past week, I had the pleasure of speaking to Star Stylist, KATE FOSTER! She has been a stylist for only a year, but she treats her business like a pro! Take a listen to the recording and make sure to ave pen and WILL want to take notes!!!

Access Code: 948827

Playback Number: (712) 775-7089

Amy is Getting Married!!!!!

Amy Wrobal is GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!!!!!!! WOOT! HUGE congratulations and lots of luck for a gorgeous day ! You are going to make a beautiful bride! xo
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