Insulation Baffles Review 2023

The Benefits Of Attic and Roof Insulation Baffles

Are You Baffled By Baffles?

Attic insulation baffles are designed to keep your attic or crawlspace insulated well. They're made of high-quality material that won't deteriorate in the harsh conditions it may be subjected to which will make it last longer than other products like it. With this, you'll be able to save more money on your energy bills and increase your home's air quality at the same time.

Attic and roof insulation baffles can also help with stability issues by preventing insulation from entering walls where they're not supposed to go. This is beneficial for homeowners who want an effective insulation system without having their insulation enter into places where it doesn't belong such as exterior walls or floors, etc. For those who don’t know what attic insulation baffles are, they are insulation devices that are inserted in attics or roof spaces to prevent insulation from falling down.

While the attic baffle market is pretty competitive right now, not all insulation baffles are made alike. In this review, we are focusing on DCI Product's SmartBaffle solution as we have found it to be one of the most effective and affordable baffle products on the market today.

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What Is An Attic Baffle And How Do Baffles Work?

Attic baffles are simple but effective devices that are used in all types of construction projects, both big and small. Their main function is to add support and stability to whatever they're installed in. Roof insulation baffles are most often used for this purpose when insulating homes or buildings by supporting fiberglass insulation. Fiber insulation is the most common material used in homes today.

One of the most important aspects associated with baffles is their ability to prevent insulation from entering areas where it doesn't belong, such as exterior walls or floors. Having insulation enter these areas can result in costly repairs so being able to keep insulation within its proper area will not only ensure quality insulation but can also help prevent unnecessary repairs from occurring.

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(Notice the positioning of the soffit vents. Soffit Vents are an integral part of proper attic ventilation.)

Why SmartBaffle?

Over the years, baffles (or rafter vents) have evolved and changed. What started out as boxes with insulation inside has turned into highly useful devices that compensate for poor insulation jobs in homes all over the nation. With this said, you probably don't want to install just any product on the market today. You need to find one that comes with a warranty and is made of quality material, this way you know it will last for years to come. SmartBaffle is designed to keep your insulation where it needs to be while also increasing airflow, decreasing moisture, and keeping insulation from entering unwanted areas, and preventing it from falling apart before its time.

The SmartBaffle is designed to fit 16” & 24” on center rafters and can be customized for different rafter widths. SmartBaffle will support spray foam, loose-fill, fiberglass, or any other insulation materials. It is designed for rugged, unbreakable use and handling. SmartBaffle is constructed of non-collapsing material with lifetime durability. Insulation should fit loosely in the remaining rafter space to gain the maximum ‘R’ value (winter) and ‘U’ value (summer). This baffle allows 2” of airflow between rafter bays, which is more than double any competitor product. To create a wider or more narrow SmartBaffle for uneven rafter spaces, and to see the different attachment methods, please reference the installation instructions enclosed within the box.

SmartBaffle - The best insulation baffle available by DCI Products.

Why Should You Install A Baffle In Your Home?

Do you feel like your heating and cooling bills are too high? If so, then this might be because there isn't enough insulation in your attic or crawlspace. This problem can cause the conditioned air to escape into the surrounding area which will quickly increase your energy usage and could lead to an uncomfortable and expensive summer and winter season.

SmartBaffle's attic and roof baffle is the answer to this problem. It's made of high-quality material that will last for years and resists deterioration in harsh conditions so you won't need to worry about it falling apart either. Simply install it between your floor joists (rafters) and keep your conditioned air inside where it belongs.

What Are The Different Types Of Attic Baffles?

There are several different types of attic baffles available for sale today. Some are made to be installed under the floor on top of your crawlspace or over the joists, while others can also be used in your attic. An integral insulation baffle resists vertical airflow and is made of expandable material which will conform to almost any construction. It's easy to cut and install, just place it in the correct location and you're done.

A non-integral baffle is also designed to stop the material from entering into areas it shouldn't. It's made of different types of insulation materials that are held together with a polypropylene web.

What Makes SmartBaffle Different From Other Baffles?

SmartBaffle is designed to keep insulation where it needs to be while stopping it from entering unwanted areas, such as exterior walls or floors. This device also increases the ability for air to flow and circulate more effectively, creates proper ventilation, and keeps insulation from deteriorating prior to its time so you won't need to worry about purchasing a new system any time soon. In fact, when installed correctly, it can be used for up to 20 years.

Other baffles are designed for insulation alone and don't take into account that it often falls out. When installed, it should be loose-fill insulation because this type fills all gaps to maximize its potential, reduce moisture, decrease stale air, and allow air to flow (air circulation) more effectively. Those who install insulation without installing baffles could end up with areas that are either too full or too empty, meaning there isn't enough insulation in the rafters spacing. By installing baffles, you can ensure rafter spaces are filled completely while preventing insulation from filling unwanted areas of your attic or crawlspace.

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What Is The Purpose Of Roof Vents?

Exhaust vents are installed at the top of the roof. Their primary job is to provide an unobstructed exit for the heat, hot air, odors and moisture trapped in your attic.

Are Rafter Vents And Baffles The Same Thing?

Baffles and rafter vents are the same things. Baffles (often called rafter vents) are installed in the attic, wherever there is an intake vent (soffit vent). Baffles prevent vents from getting clogged by insulation and ensure a clear channel for outside air to move into the attic through soffit vents.

What Is A Soffit Vent?

A Soffit vent is a ventilation opening located at the bottom of a roof on the outside of a building. A soffit generally directs airflow from the house to the exterior, over the ground, and over some barrier such as turf or slab.

Some soffits have screens or insulation to minimize wind-driven rainwater intrusion, while some have insulation only for convenience since insulation can also be provided in a properly insulated attic.

The Benefits Of Installing A Baffle

A baffle is mainly used for support and stability but it can also be used to keep conditioned air from escaping into the surrounding area. Installing a SmartBaffle in your home will lower the amount of energy you use each month, keep drafts out during cold winter months, and increase your indoor air quality as well. In most cases, insulation is installed with no insulation on the roof deck which allows cold attic air to sink into the insulation anywhere it can. This is a huge source of heat loss and is very expensive. Installing insulation will increase the R-value but also adds a layer of insulation that reduces airflow up through insulation by as much as 75%.

This means you'll pay less for energy bills each month, feel more comfortable in your home when it's cold outside, and breathe clean air when spending time in your living room or bedroom.

Why Is Airflow (Circulation) Important In Your Attic?

In your attic, the insulation is constantly being cooled from below by air from the soffits. A lot of insulation gets blown off because it contains a fiberglass material that becomes brittle in time and gets flung around by air currents. In order to maintain optimal levels, baffles have been developed to help channel airflow and circulate air more effectively and allow cooler air to permeate your attic ceiling and attic space. This will ultimately also help reduce mold build-up.

Baffles provide a barrier between the conditioned space and unconditioned area which prevents insulation from going into unwanted spaces such as walls or exterior of home. Baffles also allow for airflow to continue while maintaining an insulated space at all times with baffles installed correctly under raised floors or joists in attic and roof areas.

Blocked Intake Vents

When intake vents are blocked, the amount of fresh air needed to properly ventilate your attic is impaired. This can lead to heat buildup in the attic and can allow moisture build-up in winter.

While it may seem counterintuitive, you do not want heat to build up in your attic in winter. A hot attic can lead to ice dams which can be very destructive.

How Do Attic Baffles And The Ridge Vent Work Together To Improve Airflow

Baffles and ridge vents work together as a 2 pronged ventilation system to provide insulation to the roof. Ridge vents are installed on the top of the roof. A gable vent is also installed at each end of the ridge vent. The baffles are installed on the lower edge of the insulation, either under the insulation or next to it. This allows airflow up through the insulation which keeps it from getting wet or deteriorating before its time. The baffles also keep insulation from filling unwanted spaces in your attic, such as exterior walls or floors, by providing a barrier between conditioned and unconditioned areas.

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Do You Need To Create A Wind Blocker At The Eave Or Soffit?

Is your insulation blocking airflow and not allowing proper ventilation? Are you suffering from poor air circulation, need to improve channel airflow, reduce air leaks, or prevent mold build-up? Do you need to channel fresh and cooler air up onto the roof deck? Surprisingly even the most well-insulated attic space may still require the assistance of attic baffles to provide additional air circulation.

Watch how SmartBaffle may be just what you need.

SmartBaffle - Creating a Wind Blocker

Installing SmartBaffle:

SmartBaffle is designed to keep your attic or crawlspace well insulated and keeps conditioned air from escaping into the surrounding area. It's a one-piece, custom-cut baffle that can be installed under your raised floors with ease. A complete installation takes little time and effort and can be completed by a DIYer. When installed properly, SmartBaffle will provide years of clean airflow and attic ventilation.

To install SmartBaffle, simply use a utility knife to cut it to the desired size and then slide it into place between your joists. You can also tack or nail down baffles that are made of thin polyfoil material so they stay in place while you assemble the rest of your insulation. It's as simple as that.

Watch How a Loyal Customer Retrofitted The Attic With SmartBaffle

DCI product Smart Baffle attic and ceiling ventilation.
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