Co-Teaching News Week 3

Strategy of the Week: Parallel Teaching

Parallel Teaching - Divide and Conquer

Parallel Teaching is a strategy used in the Co-Teaching classroom when more supervision is needed over students. Students are placed in heterogeneous groups and each teacher instructs one of those groups. The same standard is being taught or explored, but the classroom is divided into half. Information is being taught simultaneously, but separately.
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When should you use Parallel Teaching?

  • Low student-teacher ratio is desired
  • There is a need for heightened participating
  • You have students that are more focused when they are separated from other students

What will you start to see?

  • Students will be more attentive
  • Students will begin to participate where they may not have in a large group
  • You will begin to make a stronger connection with the smaller group of students you are working with
  • Students who have not been academic superstars begin to rise to the top and take academic risks
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Give it a try!

Although this strategy may seem out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to try it at least once. You will see the benefit in Parallel Teaching for you, your Co-Teacher, and your students.

TPE of the Week - TPE 11 Social Environment

Candidates should develop and maintain clear expectations for academic and social behavior. Candidates should promote student effort and engagement and create a positive climate for learning.

Candidates should be able to write and implement a discipline plan.

Bree Gage

Co-Teaching Coordinator

CSU Bakersfield