Dr. Gayle Way

New and Effective Approach to Transpersonal Psychology/Therapy

The basis of Energy Psychology concept is that any disorder, whether physical or emotional, is supported by a "disturbance" in the flow cell communication in the body. The psychotherapy of work carried out in parallel to the acupuncture sessions has much to add quality of life, balance emotions and psychophysical energy of the patient.

The professional working with such patients should be considered necessarily multidimensional and complex these disorders. A comprehensive and multidimensional clinical interview is an evaluation strategy first order for proper diagnosis of traumatic stress.

We are energy and spirit and health, both physical and emotional, is also influenced by these aspects. It can manifest itself in the glitter look, which is the mirror of spiritual energy; the grace of spontaneous movements; in skin appearance, which reflects the energy and vitality of the individual. We are all connected in some way to a higher level of mind, and it is believed that it is at this level where electromagnetic fields are interconnected during practice. Vibrational Healing Therapy is not only directed at treating the physical body, but rather subtle bodies that comprise it.

If you are ready to try a new and effective approach to Transpersonal Psychology/Therapy with Openness and a strong Intent to heal, please contact Dr. Gayle Way now.