Paws to Read

Luke H.

About Me

I go to Prairie Star Middle School and my name is Luke. I was born in Kansas and i still live there.

l am a good reader and i like to read books about sports or action and adventure. I read so i can be smarter and for my enjoyment. I normally finish all the books that i start but if i don't like a book i sometimes stop. I am also a very fast reader. I am usually open to trying new books. I don't like romance books. I like books that make me laugh. I also like long books. But i also like short books. I don't like fantasy books.


What i am Reading now

Right now i am reading a book called The Big Field i like this book because it is a baseball book and i like baseball.

Books that i like

Some books i like are all the Game Changers books and almost all sports books. I also like the Maze Runner series. Some authors i like are Mike Lupica, Tim Green, Jeff Kinney, and James Dashner. I also like to read Sports Illustrated.

Music that relates to reading

A song that relates to my reading is Happy because i like to read and i am happy when i read, and i always like reading.
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Good Book Review Sites

A good website for finding books is because it gives you good books if you are a boy. Another website is this websites has good book reviews and recommendations.