You should watch out for internet. Lock down your Facebook page. Make sure your profile is only shown to your friends not their friends too and certainly not the whole world! If you don't know someone on Facebook, don't be tempted to accept their Friend request. Don't post anything anywhere on the internet if you don't want the world to see it. Once you've uploaded something, you cannot be sure that it will stay with just the person you've sent it to. So if it's private, don't share it! Never give out your address, unless your parents have said it's safe and it's absolutely necessary . when you are requesting a delivery). And never agree to meet in person someone you've met online. Don't click on suspicious-looking links. If something looks strange to you, ask a parent or teacher if it's okay to click on it. If your friend has sent you a message but it looks weird, or isn't something they'd usually say, check with them before you open it. It could be that someone is using their account to send messages which could be infected with something nasty. Always log out! Make sure you don't leave any account open when you go away from your computer, phone or other device will be hacked if you do not log of!Do not do this at all. Do not put bad pictures in the internet and do not put bad videos in YouTube. They all can see witch pictures you put even videos if you press send it will not come of the hole world can see it. You should not hack any ones account because they would not like that to happen to theirs because they had made that account if you do that they have to make another one and it will take a wile to make it. Also do not make names of people that you know and do not know People like face book because we can talk to them when there a fare from you. But people are not using face book properly there are keep on writing bad things in face book. That is not nice for that person because they do not like what people are saying I hate you! So do not do that please and let everyone enjoy face book.If you check your mail everyday that is good. If you do not that is bad because people will hack your email account they will do that because they want to read your information and know about you and where you live. If you are getting bullied tell the teacher and your parents if you do not the bullies will not stop.Also if you see someone bullied in the computer do something or tell someone like your parents. How to be safe in the internet,If you don’t want everyone to know about something, do not post it.