Automated Microbiology System

Sagar Hospital Medical Laboratory

Accredited & Automated….

Sagar Hospitals Medical Laboratory (NABL accredited) has the facilities for automated bacterial and yeast identification and drug susceptibility testing using the VITEK 2 system manufactured by Biomerieux, France.

State of the art technology….

This system uses Advanced Colorimetry in a miniaturized card-format which provides high discrimination between species . Antibiotic susceptibility is reported as MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration values)

How it works….

The system includes an Advanced Expert System (AES) that analyzes MIC patterns and detects phenotypes for most organisms tested. This depends on a knowledge base developed from >100,000 references .It contains

· >2,000 described phenotypes

· >20,000 MIC distributions

· >100 resistance mechanisms detected

· >99 organisms

· On average, provides a resulting range of five to seven MIC doubling dilutions per antibiotic

· Extended MIC range to enable low-level resistance detection

· Resistance-oriented results that highlight unusual phenotypes

· Deduced antibiotic results to meet formulary requirements

Helps patients & Clinicians….

The detailed results thus provided allows clinicians to discontinue empiric therapy and prescribe targeted therapy, resulting in improved patient outcomes and enhanced antibiotic stewardship.