By: Casey Albright

Where do people live in Canada and why?

Southern Ontario is the most southernmost and the most densely populated region of Canada. The region can be divided into Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario. Southern and Northern Ontario vary greatly. Southern Ontario has different culture and climate and a larger population than its northern part. The region’s well-used transportation routes (air, land, and water), moderate climate, arable land, and proximity to populated areas in Midwestern and Northeastern United States explain why many Canadians choose to settle in Southern Ontario. It has a large manufacturing sector, and some parts of the region are close with cities in Michigan and New York.

Environmental issues of Canada

In Canada there has recently been a environmental issues in Canada.

Acid rain- The acid rain is mostly caused by sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen released by industrial such as coal burning. The gases dissolve in rain water to form acids. Acid rain is horrible to the Great Lakes. It raises the lakes adicity which makes it harder for plants to grow and survive. Acid rain also dissolve the calcium deposits in the lake, so it lowers the level in calcium in the soil.

Extraction and Overuse in the Canadian Shield- The Canadian Shield is a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rock that forms. The problems are yet not good. The blasting and digging with heavy machinery causes the land around mines to be damaged. The Slag, or known as, left over rock is being dumped from the smelting process. Plus, mining releases harmful gases that could cause acid rain.

Timber- Canada is the leading producer of the timber industry. But the citizens are concerned that the logging are ruining the forests as well as taking away animals habitats. The heavy machines they use leaves the forest compacted which makes it hard for new plants to grow. Canada uses clear-cutting which is a company who cuts down all the trees in an area. They leave large tree gaps in the forest which reduces water, causes erosion, and kills animals and their habitats.

Canadian Government

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, and a federation and the head of their state is Queen Elizabeth. But, the constitution limits her powers as government and she is generally considered a figurehead leader. Also, since the queen does not live in Canada, the powers of the head state are given to the queen's representative, the Governor-General. The Governor-General serves as the queen's name, as the factor of the state. Crucially, the role of the Canadian head of the state is carried out by the queen, but the desire of the UK parliament has no bearing on the queens role as Canadian monarch.

  • Every citizen has the right to vote in elections for Members of the Parliament in representative.
  • The elected governor cannot hold power indefinitely.
  • Every citizen has the right to have their elected representatives to sit at least one year in Parliament and legislatures, so Parliament and governor are held to account.