5th Grade Newsletter

January 19, 2016

5th Grade Happenings

Please turn in Camp Carter permission forms ASAP. If you need another copy, please let us know. The first payment is $30 and is due January 29th.

Math Madness

This week we will continue our lesson on number patterns and begin graphing using these patterns. Students will have a test over number patterns, volume, area and perimeter on Monday, January 25th. No homework this week!

In the Science Lab

This week in Science we will be studying the different types of rocks and how they are formed.

The Reading Corner

This week in reading/language arts, we will focus on how dialogue can be used to understand character and setting. We will also study primary sources, as well as the technique of interview to obtain new information. In spelling, we'll be learning words with -ance and -ence endings.

Blast from the Past

This week in Social Studies we will continue our lesson on Industry vs. Agriculture.

Homework Help

  • Read, Read, Read
  • Practice Multiplication Facts
  • Math notes and vocabulary words are posted on Miss Finley's website
  • Apply concepts to everyday activities
  • Spelling words and Reading Comprehension Thinking Stems are located on Ms. Cooper's website
  • Khan Academy videos and practice
  • Clay Piggy


If you have any questions please contact us!

Tracy Pruett (Science) – tpruett@bisdmail.net

Rebecca Finley (Math) – rlfinley@bisdmail.net

Kathy Cooper (ELA and SS) – kcooper@bisdmail.net

Pamela Leach (ELA and SS) – pamela.leach@bisdmail.net