With Caden Braun

Fire fighting

  • firefighting requires to be able to put out big fires
  • Firefighting requires 2 years of college
  • It cost 42,678$ per year and 22.58$ per hour of college
  • Firefighters don't always fight fires they also help people and nature
  • To be a firefighter you must be fit in order to lift heavy boards
  • Firefighters work on holidays
  • Firefighters get paid 47,720$ a year
  • Firefighters help wildlife
  • Firefighters can be helpful in car accidents
  • Firefighters be helpful in the medical field

Professions and associations

IAFF fire fighters

United States
1750 New York Avenue, NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006-5395 Phone: 202.737.8484
Fax: 202.737.8418

NFPA catalog online


11 Tracy Drive, Avon, MA

What college I would attend

Fox Valley Technical College - Appleton Campus

1825 N. Bluemound Drive P.O. Box 2277

Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Fox valley technical college becouse it is very close and I could afford to be teached by professional firefighters.

Pros and cons of firefighters

Pros: it is helping people and the community and I doing this, it gets great paying witch would support a big family and more, helping nature because I like doing that.

Cons: I would work even in holidays and would want to spend time with my family, there is 2 years in college and I would have to work to afford the college, it is a dangerous job.

How to succeed in this field

In order to be a fire fighter or any trade job you must be physically fit to be able to lift the equipment. You must no your job and work together with your workers. College is a big part of this career it is were you learn to use the equipment and put out fires. To succeed in college you have pay attention ask questions otherswise you won't no what to do when it happens.

Job advertisement

Hi we are looking for firefighters with two year associates degree and that are willing to work full time on the job helping your community and working with the medic feald to fulfill are goals and yours. You payment would be 47207 a year and 6:00am to 8:00 pm so please apply now.