About Porutugal


Porutugal basic imformations

porutugal is located south of europe, so weather is warm and humid because this country has 2 side of sea. for that reason, if you travel this country, you would avoid summer, it is very hot. porutugal has a lot of festival at each month. for example. religion, culture, food. especially, san antonio fesetival is very famous of religion festival.


porutugal has a lot of good beach and cathedral. so many people visit porutugal for vacation and pilgrimage. besides, many portuguese are catholic. they built a lot of cathedral for example, jeronimos mosque is very famous mosque in porutugal.

Porutugal cuisines

this country cuisines have deep flavor, so they are representative in mediterranean diet. they use a lot of chilly spices and cinnamon, banila bean, and saffron. besides, oilve oil and many kinds of spices are essential element in porutugal cuisine. in addition, porutugal has sea, so fish and seafood cooking method deveioped also.


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Soccer is a favorite of most all Portuguese. Food and wine especially portugese wine. The other hands, religion and all the usual controversial subjects. Politics in general. Personal compliments early in the relationship. Sports other than soccer, many not be well recognize by some portuguese


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