Introducing Your 203 Peer Mentor

Sarah Henriksson

My background

I've been a student in the MLIS program since Fall of 2010. This is my last year and I'm looking forward to getting my degree next May. I am a librarian at a Fremont, CA trade school by day, and a video gamer/cook/book addict by night (and a student too, of course!). My boyfriend and I and our "furry child" (cat) Sandy just moved into a bigger place, so things at home are a little chaotic as we settle in, but chaotic in a good way. I look forward to being your peer mentor as you embark on your MLIS journey!

Have questions?

Well, that's what I'm here for! For many of us, an online learning environment is in itself a new adventure. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions about anything. I can't claim to know everything, but I do have resources at my disposal to help find the answer if I don't know off-hand. I'm here to help you have a great start to your program.

I tend to check D2L intermittently throughout the day (as work allows), and I am attached at the hip to my phone through which email is fed. On Blackboard, I tend to be around in the morning. So, pick the communication that works for you and you'll reach me. Please save my cellphone number (below) for emergencies only.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have...or just to say hi!

You can also find me on Bb IM (Blackboard IM) under Sarah.Henriksson.

Sites I've found fun or useful: