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May 2017

Dates to Remember

ISTEP Testing: May 1 - May 5

Finals: May 18, 19, and 22

Senior Walk: May 22

End of Semester: May 22

Graduation: May 27

Western Boone: Top 20 High School in Indiana

Due to Western Boone's high test scores, excellent graduation rate, and stellar academic programs that prepare students to be college and career ready, Western Boone Jr.-Sr. High school was recently ranked the 20th best high school in Indiana by U.S. News and World Report.

To see why Western Boone Jr.-Sr. High School was ranked as the 20th best high school, click here to see the U.S. News and World Report article.

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Western Boone County Community Schools is currently enrolling students in grades K-12. Transferring to Western Boone is free and transfer students get to participate in the same high-quality academics and athletics as resident students.

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April's Newsworthy Classrooms

Holocaust Survivor, Mr. Conrad Weiner

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Western Boone Jr-Sr High School recently had the honor of hosting Mr. Conrad Weiner, Holocaust survivor, for a whole-school convocation. Mr. Weiner shared his personal experience of the events that led up to the Holocaust, his time in a Concentration Camp, and his life after being liberated.

"With fewer than 100,00 survivors of the Holocaust remaining to tell the story, our students are the last generation to be able to hear first-hand accounts of the atrocities committed in Europe from 1939 to 1945. Mr. Weiner tells his personal story of tragedy, loss, and redemption with dignity and humor. His goal, as he has spoken to thousands of young people over the past ten years, has been to emphasize that though bad things happen, individuals do not have to be victims, but do have the responsibility to be witnesses." - Mrs. Newton

"I thought the experience was really great. We got to learn a lot about the camps from a person that was actually in one of the camps. His story was very touching and I enjoyed his visit. I feel very special knowing that we are the last generation to be able to hear about this from an actual victim of the Holocaust." - Rachael Coleman

"The speaker was very informational. I thought that we needed to know about the Holocaust because most of the Holocaust survivors are dying and disappearing. Listening to our guest speak really touched me because he had a hard life and was lucky enough to survive. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience." - Gage Griffith

"I thought it was interesting that he remembered it like it was yesterday and that he remembered first leaving the house and boarding the freight car." - Gabe Padgett

Western Boone FFA

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Western Boone's FFA Program celebrated another year of successful service to the Boone County community. Western Boone's FFA program had a number of valuable experiences this year, such as: a group of students going Nashville last summer, the livestock judging team completing a competition in Harrisburg, PA, attending the National FFA Convention, and also hosting approximately 900 elementary students at Day on the Farm.

"This group of seniors has been a huge part of what this chapter has been able to accomplish over the past couple of years. I have enjoyed having them around, and I will certainly miss them next year." - Mr. Terhaar

"FFA provides me with opportunity to mingle with others and prepare for my future." - Kirsten Spall

"FFA is where friends become family." - Lindsey Thomas

"FFA is the only club where you can travel all over the country for only $20 in dues." - Kevin Garst

"I like FFA because we learn about a lot of cool stuff, and I get to hang out with my friends." - Brooke Prather

"I like FFA because it's given me the opportunity to travel and experience new things while hanging out with some of my best friends and learning about agriculture." - Kaeli Grimm

"I like FFA because you meet new people, and form friendships that last a lifetime." - Emily Graves

"I like FFA because of the friendships you build and the bonding time you get to spend with teammates." - Kyle Beck

"The combination of Passion, Leadership, and Friendship that will carry over into my future is the reason I love FFA." - Shelby Medley

"I enjoy the experiences and opportunities that FFA brings me that I would not have otherwise." - Sam Mendez

"FFA is an awesome way to meet and network with other people my age who are passionate about agriculture." - Braxton Starkey

Mathematics Career Project

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Students often wonder how the material they're learning in class can be used in their daily lives as adults. Mrs. Sanders' students have taken on the task of researching ways they can use their Geometry knowledge in a career that interest them.

"The project required students to research a mathematics based career. They had to provide a description of the career, list what major(s) and degree(s) a person needs to obtain, what colleges/universities offered this major, the median/average annual salary, how mathematics is applied, a typical math problem someone with that career would need to solve and their opinion of the career: does the career sound interesting, could this be a career path for them." - Mrs. Sanders

"I picked the career 'Mathematical Physicist' for my project and I was able to discover the basic information that pertains to a mathematical physicist but also to math careers in general. A mathematical physicist studies how natural phenomenons relate to a mathematical equation. A degree in mathematics and physics also allows you to branch out in various careers concerning either subject. Overall I was able to gain knowledge on how much math is incorporated in every day jobs and how the most basic degree in math can open up a variety of career pathways." - Hillary Reed

"I found the project very informative. I found that mathematicians actually have a decent salary. There are many jobs that include math that I had no idea about, but overall the project was very interesting." - Casey Foster

"This project made me realize that even if I don't want to go into a math-related job, many careers still require a math education. Even some of the more unique jobs contain some aspects of math that you would need to know to succeed in. Lots of students question why they even take math courses when they already know that they don't want to go into a math-related career or job, but more likely than not that career requires some sort of basis of a math education. This project taught me that math is much more important in real-life careers than I thought it was, and taking math-classes in high-school can get you further in life than just your diploma." - Mollie Gourley

"The project was relatively simple and exciting. People might have known a little bit about the career they chose but didn’t know a lot. So, this project allowed us to research the career and learn interesting facts about it. For instance, I researched hydrology and learned that hydrologists research all bodies of water that are located on Earth. This project allowed me to learn about hydrologists and about the career to see if I want to explore this as a future career." - Brandon Bowman

"I enjoyed this project because it gave me the opportunity to explore a career related to my future career goal. I learned that there are a lot more colleges that offer business courses than I thought. Overall this was an eye-opening project." - Adam Gordon

"In Geometry class, for our Career Project, we were assigned a career that involved mathematics in some shape or form. My favorite part of the project was researching the fun facts of my career, where I discovered all kinds of fascinating aspects of cartography (my assigned career)." – Regan Gubera

Counselor's Corner

Yay for May! The end of the school year is in sight, but don’t let up on your studies until you’ve reached the finish line! Your GPA (Grade Point Average) is a calculated average of the letter grades you earn in school, which means you want to work to keep this number as high as possible. Every semester, you'll receive a GPA based on the grades you earned in all of your classes during that semester. Third nine weeks’ grades and forth nine weeks’ grades are each worth 40% of your overall grade. The final exam for a semester compiles the last 20% of your grade. This means that 60% of your grade is still to be determined during this last month of school!

The higher the GPA you obtain, the more options you will have when it comes time to choose a college or career in the future. Higher GPAs will also help you win scholarships and be recognized for your hard work during academic recognition events. This year, the high school honor night will be on Wednesday, May 10th at 7pm in the auditorium. The junior high awards program will be on Friday, May 12th at 9am in the auditorium and guests are invited to sign-in with the main office if they would like to attend this event. Contact with questions.

LOL of the Month

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Teacher dress-up at the Indiana Repertory Theatre!