Mayfly Hotel

Great rooms

Five star rooms with waterbeds and a pool.

Only Hotel Only For Mayflys!

This is the only hotel in the world that is strictly for mayflys! Maximum 3 nights, with a vegetable buffet in the dining room,and a dome around the hotel so predators don't get in. Also there is an indoor pool for the larvae. Mayflys don't eat after they become adults, but when they are larvae, they are herbivores. Our resort has a large dome around the resort to protect from any predators that might attack you in the wild. Our hotel is always quiet since no mayflys make any sounds. Adult female mayflys give birth, then just lay on the water and wait to die, then the larvae stays underwater for about 2 years and feed on algae and vegetables, they then surface and live for about 24-72 hours.