ModSock: Extraordinary Socks

A unique new sock line for men and women inspired by the PNW

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Jackalopes, robots, televisions and old-timey bicycles are no longer just part of your plans for world domination.

They are now available IN A SOCK.

The brand ModSock is launching its line of original socks through Kickstarter, and each glorious pair can be yours for just $10, or even cheaper if you order more than one.

Women's knee highs and men's crew socks are a high-quality cotton blend. They will eventually retail for $10 a pair, but ModSock is offering them in multiples at a pre-sale discount as part of their Kickstarter project.

Coinciding with the launch of its brand, ModSock has opened an online shop to expand its market: Following the completion of the Kickstarter campaign, the website will offer both the ModSock line and much of the inventory from their physical store in Bellingham.

Check out ModSock’s Kickstarter project at

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About ModSock

ModSock is the creation of Sock Genius™ Urania Shaklee, a businesswoman and sock-lover who lives in Bellingham, Washington with a six-and-a-half-foot sock monkey, and their cats Fonzi and Egg.

Urania began selling socks in 2010, at The Purple Doorknob in Ellicottville, NY. In 2011, she moved to Bellingham, where she opened her second store, ModSock. Her next bold move is the launch of the ModSock line, designs defined by whimsy, color and fun.