Camp Halfblood for all demigods!

Be you a son or daughter of a minor or major greek god, join

[from the hit series Percy Jackson]

What: This awesome camp is based off of Percy Jackson, which is a book series from the magical hands of Rick Riordan, a best selling author ,and one of my personal favorites! Train to become a demigod and find if you have the metal to defeat the fantastical monsters that Rick Riordan expertly articulated. These stories are inspiration to kids everywhere, and now they have the chance to live in the story, at Camp Halfblood!

When: This camp starts on July 1st and November 1st of 2018! Come any time.

Where: This camp is located on Halfblood hill [Summer hill north of center St.]

Come prepared;

To fight monsters.

Become a demigod.

And have fun. Always bring a water bottle and a fresh change of clothes [for if you fall in the lake while fighting dragons.]