The Blind Side (Of What's Inside)

Claire Magno - Search for Identity

At first...

Maybe at first, you are completely lost to who you are. Or maybe, you aren't even wondering who you're supposed to be or what you're supposed to do in life. But having content with what you already have, can bring more to you than one can expect. One outfit to one person, can mean just as much as an entire closet to another person. Michael had it rough, he didn't really have anything beside potential. He was poor and had no where to go but up. But you'd never hear a complain about any this from him.

But then...

You find that things can be better for you, in terms of quality, if not quantity. In Michael Oher's case, he has been alone and struggling, but does not ask for help. When the Touhys found him, they got close... fast. He didn't want to leave, nor did the Touhys want him to. Lewis states that, "she had treated Michael as she treated their other two children, which is to say she lavished upon him most of the material comforts and spiritual guidance known to man" (179). He was never alone with the Touhys and finally felt like he had a family and a home.

Time Period: Modern day = Relatable

"Don't worry... I got your back" (71).

Michael Oher said this to Leigh Anne Touhy, the mom, when they were in a sketchy neighborhood to buy him clothes. Leigh Anne has never been to this part of the city so she was a little nervous, but after Michael said this, she felt secured. Even though they just met, Michael was already protective over her and the family.

"He was no longer a black object skipping along the surface of a white background; he'd been woven into the white fabric" (314).

Michael Oher did something. Bad. Scared, confused, and angry about it he fled because now, he was known. He had a reputation now, a family with a big name. He was ashamed to have put them in this situation. Yet, no matter how big of a deal this trouble became, there stood beside him the Touhy family, ready to fight for him.
I'll stand by you, Carrie Underwood
Even though Michael Oher is not blood related to the Touhys, they treat him as their own and he feels accepted by the family. As Michael was going through a rough patch, adjusting, changing for the better, the family was patient, and supported him through all his decisions.

"Those forces have oviously changed, but the boy remains the same" (333).

With all the wealth the Touhy family owned, Michael was very lucky they took him in. For better or for worse, money changes people. With Michael, the abundance of money and material offered to him was irrelevant. Even though he was apart of the rich family now, he is still the same loving, protective, genuine guy they first met.