The Bond Brief

November 14, 2014

Thank-You for Your Time

I would like to thank all of the parents that took the time to come to conferences yesterday. I really enjoyed reflecting on your child's progress thus far, as well as getting to know a bit more about who they are as a person. I felt that the conferences were very positive, and I look forward to continuing to team up together to help your child find success in third grade and beyond!

Nikki O'Dea and her family are moving up north to Hubbard Lake. Today was her last day. We sent her off with a book of letters from the class, as well as Artist Trading Cards! We will miss Nikki, but we are excited that we will be able to stay in contact via Edmodo. We wish the O'Dea family the best in their move and transition to a new community!

Nikki's Last Day Was Today :(

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The Week in Review

Math: We are postponing our Math BA. The other third grade classrooms need a bit more time, and I think our students also need a bit more reinforcement and reteaching. We will be taking the BA on Wednesday now. Continue to study the Day 1-5 Math Facts. The kids need to have them memorized and be able to recall them within 3 seconds.

Social Studies: We have continued to learn about Michigan Geography. I am hoping to have this unit wrapped up before Thanksgiving Break. This week we focused on Natural Resources and products.

Reading: We are one chapter away from finishing our book. The author recorded herself reading the last chapter, so we are looking forward to hearing it from her. We were able to connect back to our Water Cycle Unit, as the grandfather flushed the age reversing potion down the toilet. We predicted that the potion may not be completely gone.

Writing: We are working on creative writing now with the Turkey Escape Stories! We read, The Night Before Thanksgiving, which ends with kids stuffing turkeys down their shirts while on a field trip to a turkey farm and then bringing the turkeys home for Thanksgiving as their guests. The students are enjoying crafting creative escape plans for the turkeys.

This week we also wrote letters to military travelers that will be given out at the Freedom Center, a military lounge at Detroit Metro Airport. Letter writing is a skill that I have been working on with them, yet I think they still have a bit to go with it. I think it would be super helpful and impactful if your child begins to write letters to family and friends. Everyone LOVES to get a real piece of mail that is personalized vs. junk mail and bills! If you could work on this with them at home, that would be awesome. Make sure they have the proper letter writing format. Here is a letter generator that can be helpful!

Spelling: Spelling scores have been pretty low for many students. I have been trying to express the importance of building strong study skills at home and finding success with the tests. I am going to start sending home spelling practice for the week to hold them accountable for studying. For some students, I told them I will retest them on Monday. (The students who scored below a 70%) If you are curious, you can always check out Spelling City for their scores.

Handwriting: We are working on undercurve letters. Today we practiced the lowercase j.

Goal Time: It is super neat to hear the Goal Time buzz throughout the week. Kids have come up to me throughout the week to share with me their ideas for Monday! I love to see their passions and interests explode! I encourage you to take the time to talk with your child about their plans for Goal Time!

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Operation Pizza

Come Support Glengary and Watch My Coworkers and I As We Battle Mary Helen Guest at Volleyball Again!

Glengary vs. Guest

Friday, Nov. 21st, 6:30pm

7601 Walnut Lake Rd

West Bloomfield Township CDP, MI

Come cheer on Mrs. Bond and the other staff members at Glengary, as they defend their trophy and Volleyball Championship title! It is a wonderful event! Here is a link to the PTA Tuesday Tidbit Page with information on it.