A Great Place to Settle

Our Origins and Way of Life

Virginia is the original permanent colony that was established in America! While we originally settled this area is to find gold and other precious metals, we discovered the wonders of tobacco cultivation! Now, we have a legislative government that is closely modeled off of England's own Parliament known as the House of Burgesses. Tobacco is now the main cash crop in our colony, and while it is labor intensive, slaves are able to do all the work.

Major Events

The Powhatan Indians and Bacon's Rebellion.

Jamestown was established in Powhatan lands, however, the colonists were able to force them out. Now, there has been large periods of peace and conflict between the colonists and Indians. It began with Pocahontas being married to John Rolfe, with a period of peace. However, when Pocahontas and the Powhatan chief died, hostilities began to escalate, culminating in the Indian massacre of 1622 and the wars that followed. The chief's brother organized a series of small attacks on communities where 347 colonists, including women and children, were killed or abducted. This led to the second Anglo-Powhatan War from 1622-1632, then the third Anglo-Powhatan War from 1644-1646, when Opechancanough (the chief) was killed. Now, general peace has be present between settlers and Powhatans.

Bacon's Rebellion was caused by Governor Berkeley's refusal to meet settler's demands to do something about frequent Indian attacks, and the growing rift between rich white colonists and poor colonists and slaves.. About 1,000 Virginians of all races and classes (including slaves) rose up in protest. They pushed the Native Americans back, as well as chasing Berkeley out of Jamestown, which they torched. Eventually the rebellion was crushed by British troops, and relative peace was restored. However, the House of Burgesses passed laws so that poor white men could no longer side with slaves against richer white men.

Why Virginia?

Virginia is one of the most stable colonies in the Americas, as it was established in 1607 and still going strong. Despite some clashes with the neighboring Indian tribes, it is a relatively safe area to live. The arable land allows for tobacco to flourish in the moist soil, and farming is very possible. We are in very good relations with the English Crown, as we sided with England in Oliver Cromwell's rebellion, and our charter is now a crown colony. Our tobacco growth allows for a very stable economy, as tobacco use in Europe has become widespread and common.