The Dogs

Relation to real life in animal farm

The dogs are characters in the allegory animal farm

What do the dogs in animal farm represent in the Russian Revolution?

The dogs represent the military police of Russia. The dogs intimate the rest of the farm into submission to Napoleon. They also kill anything that could threat Napoleon's authority, just like in the USSR, where the police kill anyone who threatens Joseph Stalin.


The Dogs' role in the story

The dogs at first were puppies that were secluded from everyone but Napoleon during the struggle for power between him and Snowball. Then, everyone finally saw what Napoleon was owing with the dogs. He trained them as personal guards and assassins to kill any to oppose him. The dogs chased out Snowball, making himself leader.

How the connection enriches understanding

If you know what happened in the Russian Revolution, it gives you a deeper understanding. The dogs chased out Snowball to make Napoleon leader, just as Joseph Stalin exiled Leon Trotsky to reach authority. Just as the police killed people who opposed Stalin, the dogs killed opposing animals.