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Weekly Updates from Madison High School - October 21, 2019

Loss of Privileges Due to Grades, Attendance or Behavior

Parents and students should be aware that the first 6-week grading period ended on Friday, October 11, with progress reports distributed and mailed home on Friday, October 18. Students who have below a 2.0 GPA will go on the Loss of Privileges list (LOP). This means that they will not be able to participate in athletic events, school field trips or other school sponsored events. Parents will be notified if their student has been put on the list for reasons related to grades, attendance or behavior. Madison's MTSS Culture Lead teacher will work with the students so they know specifically what they need to do to come off the list and have their privileges returned. Students who are on the list due to their GPA will remain on the list for 6-weeks. During this time, students should take the opportunity to attend Saturday Core Academy to get help with homework, make-up classwork and receive help from teachers. The intent of the LOP list is to provide an early warning system that triggers Tier II interventions, such as Core Academy (Saturday school), to help students get back on track and improve performance. Parents play an important role in reinforcing these expectations at home by talking with their student about homework, setting aside time to get homework done, and minimizing distractions during this time. #theNEST

For more information or questions, contact Brittani Siracusa (bsiracusa@sandi.net).

Family Notices for the Week:

  • Saturday Core Academy: Saturday, October 26, 8:00 AM, rm. B23; students should bring homework to complete, study materials or reading that needs to be accomplished. Enter through the back of the school.
  • Madison’s After School Drop-in Center: is open for students Monday through Friday, 2:30-4:00 PM. A hot supper option that includes an entree, fruit, vegetable and milk is available to students at no charge. Students must present their student ID to check in and out of the drop-in center.
  • Construction Continues at Madison: Soltec is actively working on the roof and in the classrooms to get ducting installed for the air conditioning units. There are upcoming meetings to for parents to provide input. Visit Madison’s website for more information.
  • Food Deliveries: Madison does not allow food deliveries by anyone other than a parent. Food deliveries should be brought into the front office preferably before the lunch period begins. Students are not allowed to meet parents in the parking lot at lunchtime. Campus safety is everyone's responsibility.