Child Labor

Paige D.

Teen Activism

Do you know what teen activism is? Teen activism is when teens try to help others. A different way to say it is they try to help around the world and make a difference. They always don't have to make a difference around the world,and can just make a difference in their town.

How many teens are helping around the world? There are thousands of them. Some people that are well know are Malala, Iqbal, and Alex Lin are just a couple of teens that are helping. Alex Lin is someone who is helping in his town/state to make a difference.

Do you know who Malala is? She's trying to get young girls to get an education. Malala couldn't get a good education so she knew how a lot of girls felt. Iqbal was just like Malala he wanted to get an education after he left child labor.

This is a picture of children in a factory, they work in mud and not good conditions.
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Child labor

Do you know what child labor is? It's when people sell their kids to a factory to make money for their family. The kids that work get little pay, Iqbal he was a kid that worked at a young age. He only got 12 US dollars.

How long did they work for? All the kids work in groups to do one thing. So that means some groups work early in the morning, or late at night. They mainly work 12 or more hours a day, the kids don’t get much sleep with the long hours.

How old are the kids that work? The kids can be all different ages. The owners like little children so their fingers can go in the machine. The reason why the owners like little kids is because, they have tiny fingers and can work faster. So there fingers can fit in the holes better and faster.

Why do people sent their children to Factories? Most families do it because, they need money for a family farm, or their in poverty. Family send boys because they know they can work longer amd get more money for the family.

Iqbal's Story

Do you know who Iqbal is? He was someone who was standing up for Child Labor. “ Children should have pens in there hands not tools”. Iqbal changed history because he was the first to leave the factory he was at with no one knowing.

When Iqbal was ten he left the rug factory he was working at. What is a rug factory you might ask? It's when the kids tie knots so the rugs can be formed.

Iqbal’s job was to tie the knots all day long. This is when they like the little kids because, their fingers can fit in the machines.

Iqbal saved so many kids, how did he do that you might say? Because, Iqbal was in it for so long,he knew what it was like for thousands of other kids around the world. So he went with people and or kids to put a stop to it. He started going to school of telling kids about it. That's when families started to give money to stop the cause. After that he went to other countries to give speeches and to schools. He started calling and texting people to get money to close the factories down. From that he closed thousands of child labor factories.

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Where do kids work?

Where do the kids work? Factories, building, shacks, water, kids just could work outside and move rocks, tires or whatever the owners want. Yes, all the kids work everywhere. Lots of them work in factories. All of the places they work they aren't good conditions. The factories have some longer and harder jobs but, everyone gets the same amount of money no matter what they do.

At some of the factories they work, in mud and can't get around fast, they almost work in conditions that some animals live in. The shacks that they work at are mostly on the water, it was like slavery in the US. What are the conditions the children work in? Sometimes, they have someone watching them, to see if they are doing the right thing. If some kids work in a factory and have to put their fingers in the machine but don't do it right.

What are some places in world that children work at? Lot of people work on the other side of the world like in the Middle East. Some places that still have a lot of child labor are in India and Pakistan.

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This is a graph that is just for India the highest 400,000 kids work in hand knotting carpet that's what Iqbal did when he was in child labor. There is a total of 725,000 kids.