The three cities in the USA


Why we are going to Washington?Beacuse there are many museums in Washington.We can go to understand the history of the city through the museum.Washington,DC has Washingon Monument,Capitol,Lincoln Memorial,The White House and a variety of large and small museum.

Spring is the tourist season in Washington,tidal basin near the Washington Monument and blooming cherry blossoms will foil the whole city is particularly beautiful,this season to Washington can watch the city's most beautiful side.

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The White House

Cherry Blossoms in Washington 2013

New orleans,Louisiana

Ok!This is New orleans station,let's take a look at what is worth to travel."New orleans,Louisiana"English first abbreviation call the city "NOLA".So New Orleans one kind of their beloved city called "NOLA". The continent's most distinctive American cities, really like a person alone, have their own unique features.

New Orleans has a St Louis Cathedral and the city of the dead.The graveyard is New Orleans's most distinctive architecture.

The most attractive is the traditional food "New Orleans seafood porridge".And Crawfish Etouffee,the tortoise soup,bread pudding and Fried Green Tomatoes.So let's tasted all the food in New Orleans.

New Orleans' foodie scene - Lonely Planet travel video


Chicago is known as the most characteristic of American cities.There are Michigan shore beach.We can swim and enjoy sunbathing.And we can leave our footprints on the beach.It's nery fun.Then we will go to the Sears Tower.That is the America's tallest building.We can overlook the whole city.Also,we can go to the world's largest and most ancient Buckingham Fountain in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery.I think it is a pleasant travelling!

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