Right to Die

Flora Montero

At what medical stage, should people be allowed to use the Right to Die law?

I believe that people should be allowed to use the law, once they have been through a certain amount of surgeries that they mentally and physically feel weak. And when they are in a condition where there is no cure/medical help for their health problem.

Assisted Suicide

"... the practice of a physician prescribing legal drugs that allows terminally ill patients to end there own lives." Many people will get this method mixed up with another type of death which is "euthanasia." But, the difference is that with euthanasia, the doctor will prescribe and administer the drug that will kill them. While with assisted suicide, the doctor may only prescribe the drug. Then, the person wanting the drug can only administer it to themselves.

Some people may say that, "Assisted suicide is morally wrong and violates the basic tenets of medicine." But, they have to understand, if we had the medicine and the medical help for many of these big illnesses, we wouldn't be having this argument or these other options. They probably don't even know how the person suffering feels, and they don't even know why they won't to do this.

In the magazine article, "Final Certainly," a young lady named, Brittany Maynard, got diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. At the time she was deciding to use the assisted suicide, she told the doctors she still had 2 months to live. She then told her doctor, Dan Diaz, "I won't be living those days; I will be suffering" And shes right, for the time that she is going to be alive, all shes going to think about is her brain cancer and keep wondering if she'll even make it the next day.

Many people believe that people will be using this as a reason to commit suicide. But, in the article "What's so difficult about the Right to Die?" they specifically say that in the state of Oregon that, "it offers euthanasia, but not the means to kill yourself. As in Oregon, you must have a serious and incurable illness and be near death. Psychiatric patients, people under 18 and non-residents of Quebec aren't eligible." They know what there doing and there not just going to give this prescription to anyone. They will make sure if the person has a death threatening illness.