Come and Enjoy the EARTH!!!

Guided tour for site seeing on Earth

How the Earth is divided.

The Earth is divided into 4 hemispheres and has an imaginary line that runs through it called the equator. There are 7 continents that are here on Earth and each one is unique. Earth has many things to offer and has some of the most beautiful things to see.
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Stop # 1 Pacific Ocean

Stop by this beautiful body of water to enjoy some deep sea fishing, whale watching, and dolphin jumping. This largest body of water is located in the all 4 Hemispheres and you will need to take a boat to really appreciate the beauty of it. You will want to travel to Australia and then take a boat out into the ocean. Be sure to pack shorts, t-shirts and flip flops, as the weather in Australia can be quit warm this time of year. Also make sure to bring some sun screen and fishing poles. Have fun and hopefully your boat won't break down and you get stranded in the ocean. Please don't swim way out in the ocean because there could be sharks and they might eat you for dinner. Also make sure your cell phone is charged just in case. Have fun!!!
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Stop # 2 The Arctic Tundra

If you are up for an adventure then the Arctic is just the place. This cold but beautiful place is in the northern most part of Earth. It is north of the equator and is considered the Tundra. You can take a plane ride to get there. It has long days and sometimes the sun never comes up. The life on the Artic is breath taking. You will see Polar bears, whales, walruses and many other unique forms of life. Be sure to pack very warm clothes. Some under armor long underwear and very warm boots, a heavy wool coat and hat and gloves. Might want to bring some hand warmers and some hot coffee. Make sure to take lots of pictures and bring a guide so they can help you so you don't become a meal for the animals there.
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Stop # 3 Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert located on the African continent. It is mostly in the Northern hemisphere with parts in the Eastern and Western hemisphere as well. While you are there you can take ride on a camel and see the fastest animal on earth, the cheetah. Be sure to bring shorts and sunscreen. You might also want a hat to help shade your face. It is very hot there. Make sure you have plenty on water too. Make sure you have a compass so you don't get lost. The desert is so large and it might be hard to find your way back to your hotel. They also have deadly snakes and bugs so be very careful. The sun and sand there is something you will never forget.
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