Behaviorcal Adaptation

By: Jason Armas


Imprinting is a form of learning in which an animal at a specific critical time in its life form develops a social attachment to another object. When a newborn spot the first object he see's such as a turtle, The newborn will begin to follow the turtle like if she was the mom. The newborn would get protection from the mom which can help the newborn survive. The mom can also provide resources and a home for the newborn. Not only that, but the newborn born follows the mom wherever she goes.


What is Communication and how does it ensures survival?

Communication is a form of behavior that sends a signal to any other organism. Communication can also be in a form of a gesture and a chemical signal. Communication can help find a mate, warn off predators, and mark territories. Communication can also be used to identify themselves through a auditory communication. Animals use tactile communication to communicate with you using touch.