You Wouldn't Want to

LIve in a Wild West Town by Damon W. Peyton A5


I selected this subject because blacksmiths she known better. I say that because they did so many things that we use today. The army uses guns and blacksmiths made those. Everybody uses tables and blacksmiths made those.


I learned about blacksmiths. They make objects from wrought and steel. The first blacksmith was in the 1860’s. The first blacksmith was in the old west town.

What I want to Know

I want to know how cowboys did their job. Why did blacksmiths make metal in an old west town. When was the first cowboy born? Where was the first cowboy born?

So Gross

My favorite part of the book is the nasty things. Did you know skunks still can have rabies? Really blacksmiths had to pull teeth when they where loose. Yuck if you get caught in a blizzard, you would have to kill a buffalo. Oh no don’t use the right equipment you can lose a finger or two.