Quitters INC.

By Stephan King

Plot Line. A story about a man going through many hoops and challenges to stop from smoking.


A friend shows a man about a business that has a 98% success rate for quitting smoking.

Rising Action.

He goes to the business and meets man who makes him sign a contract, making sure he wont tell anyone about what happens here, they start the treatment.


The director shows the man a bunny eating food, he then shocks the bunny, and says " If you smoke, and we will be watching you all day, your wife will be electrocuted" That causes the challenge of the man to not smoke.

Falling action / Resolution.

The man stops smoking for a year, he looses weight and becomes much more happy with his life.

Theme. Fear is more powerful then willpower.

The theme of this story is about fear, when the man tried to quit before he couldn't he was working against himself. But the moment a person threatened to hurt the ones he loved he stopped because of the fear that he had.

Characterization. Morrison VS. Donatti.

Central conflict.

The central conflict of this story is about Morrison. Quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do, Morrison knows its not good for him and if he chooses to smoke he could get his family very hurt. His conflict is internal, he needs to choose between his love for his family and his love for his addiction.


imagery is used frequently in this story, and is very important. I think the most important image in this tory is about when the bunny gets hurt. "Donatti pressed a button by the window-sill. The rabbit stopped eating and began to hop about crazily. It seemed to leap higher and higher each time its feet struck the floor. Its fur stood out spikily in all directions. Its eyes were wild." This image is very sad, no one wants to see an animals or person get hurt so its get the image across that this man means business and that he is not afraid to hurt you or someone you love.

The most compelling aspect of the story!

The reason you should read this story is it gives you a very different side of addiction. It shows someone stopping out of fear and love instead of wanting it to be about their health. It is also very intriguing the entire time, it has you captivated the whole time. The ending is a twist and it makes you think about what you would so if you were in that situation.