By:Samantha Simpers & Maria Silva

Factors that make Florida vulnerable to Hurricanes

Some cities are near the coast and hurricanes come from the ocean.

Hurricane's historic impact on Florida

For over 170 years,alot of hurricanes had attacked Florida.

How hurricanes impacted the lives of living organisms in Florida

Hurricanes usually bring strong winds and floods,which drives people out of their homes and leaves them homeless for quite sometime,which could cost a lot of money.

how are hurricanes formed?

"Hurricanes begin has tropical storms over warm moist waters near the equator.As the water evaporates,it rises until enormous amounts of heated moist air are twisted high in the atmosphere".

Ways to protect and prepare for hurricanes

Construction builders build beams under houses near the coast so they can prevent floods from a hurricane so the the water won't flood the house.And people need to pack a survival kit so if there is ever a hurricane,they are prepared.And make sure you have an evacuation plan so if they need to evacuate,they are prepared.
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