Slavery in America

Slavery,underground railroad,music

By: Adriana S


Who were the slaves and how did they get here?

Africans And they got there by ship

Why was there slavery in the United States?

To help with crops

What was life like for most slave families?

Bad they where threated and brutal treatment happened

Why was cotton so important?

To make clothes

How long did slavery last?

250 years

Underground Railroad

What was the Underground Railroad?

a network of people who helped escaped slaves on their way to freedom in the northern states or Canada.

Who was Harriet Tubman? Why is this former slave important?

She was a slave who saved over 300 slaves though the Underground Railroad

About how many slaves did Harriet lead to freedom?


How many trips to slave country did Harriet Tubman make?


What was the amount of the reward for Harriet Tubman's capture?


What were Harriet Tubman's occupations during the Civil War?

As a cook,nurse,spy


What theme did many of the songs have in common?

That slaves should be free

What purpose did some of the slave songs serve?

That you still can have freedom