Mrs. Hamp's Happenings

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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • Field trip money is due on Friday, May 8th.
  • BOGO Book fair will be next week. We will be previewing the books on Monday.
  • If you have any pictures from the musical, I would like to see some of them. Please send an e-mail with some of your favorite parts of the musical.

What are we learning about this week?

Phonics: vowel team review (ai, oi, eu, ee)

Math: This week we will start our final topic. We will be learning about telling time, organizing data, and graphing data. We will spend a few days on telling time this week. Please work with your child at home on reading a clock so they can become experts.

Writing: We will be revising and editing our All about books on our famous places. Once we have completed our revisions we will publish our final writing piece. The students have worked so hard on collecting their information, I am excited to see their final product.

Reading: We wil continue to review text features and learn about the earth. This week we will learn about volcanos and even create one in class. This is a class activity and the students will not have to bring anything in for this experiment.

Phonics List

explain ,claiming, degree, esteem, sleuthing, avoid, lining, feudal, speechless, between, staining, mailbox, hoisted

Happy Birthday and Author's Corner

Happy Birthday!!

Ava - May 6

Author's Corner

Connor, Macy, and Seleena

Mark Your Calendar

May 8 - Volunteer Breakfast

May 11-15: BOGO Book fair

May 14: Field Trip to Botanical Gardens

May 21: Last day of school (Half-day)