Come and get rich

The discovery of gold in Australia

In the 1850's gold was discovered by Edward Hargraves was the first man to find gold with someone who he met in a small town named James Lister who had found lots of gold in the Bathurst/Hill End gold fields but Hargraves only found a small amount that his partner had found lots and he was only got a credit for finding it.

life on the goldfields

life on the goldfilds was very harsh in the 1800's.

There was limited jobs and then the men went out to work to earn a living as a butcher,a baker, a general store owner and a clothes store owner.These stalls poped up like mushrooms.

the biggest gold weight

the heaveist wieght of a gold nugget is '12 pounds' found by edward hargraves in the early 1820's

how gold changes people

After 1835, the area that is now Victoria was rapidly

occupied by squatters who moved

their sheep onto the land. Before the discovery of gol

d in Victoria in 1851 the major

industry was wool production. Each squatter controlled a

huge area and many became

very wealthy selling wool to Britain. Properties were

not fenced. Shepherds took the

sheep out to graze during the day then drove them back

to the house paddock to spend

the night.

what food was eaten on the goldfields

600 pounds flour 120 pounds biscuit

400 pounds bacon 200 pounds lard

200 pounds dried beans 120 pounds dried fruit

60 pounds coffee 40 pounds salt

8 pounds black pepper 8 pounds saleratus (a chemical evener)

4 pounds tea