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Dairy Queen Plot

D.J is a sixteen year old girl that has been in love with the game of football her whole life. She goes to Red Bend High School. Her brothers are off in college training for football. Well all of her brothers except for her younger one that is not particularly happy with the idea of playing football. Since D.J. can't play football she decides that she will train a boy who goes to Hawley. Well she actually doesn't decide but she gets picked. The boy that she is training is named Brian and he plays for Hawley, the rival school of Red Bend. Red Bend always loses to Hawley in the bog scrimmage at the beginning of the year. Can D.J. make Brian better and her better at the same time? Find out when you read Dairy Queen!

5 stars to Dairy Queen!

I think that Dairy Queen is a five star book. It puts a modern twist on the thoughts of a country girl. It shows that many things can be changed by doing something that most people introspected as different. Most people wold cringe at the thought of a girl playing a guy's sport, But actually many girls are very athletic and would be happy to be in a guy's sport if people would just give them the chance. I loved the way that she set up plot twists and how they fit into D.J.s life. I would love if you gave it a chance to!

Main Characters

The Dairy Queen Series!


The Dairy Queen series is made up of 4 amazingly written books. The first one is, of course, Dairy Queen. The second one is The Off Season. The third one is Front and Center. The fourth book is Heaven is Paved with Oreos.


Schwenk Farm- where D.J. lives, is very junky now but back in the day it used to look pristine

Red Bend- The town where D.J. lives, also the name of where she goes to school

Manure Spreader- where D.J's dad breaks his hip