Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

By: Jhene' Stephens

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Kevin (Freak) has a disease called Morquio Syndrome which causes him to have a hard time walking and doing any other movement. So he has to use crutches and leg braces to get around. Now, like any other child with this disease you would expect them to not able to live a normal life but Freak lives his life just like a regular kid.


Many people with diseases are pertained to be different when we are all the same and we have desires in life whether we are in crutches or not we all have dreams and we all want to be counted as the same, people don't want to here about how special they are or how they have disabilities they want to be counted as the same. I am glad that there is a character like Freak in this book because whether has a disease or not he doesn't let the things people say hurt him and he doesn't let the things he can't do get in the his way instead he chases his dream and gets respected for the boy that is.