Ben Sibbald

All about Alan Turing

Interesting Facts

Born: 23 June 1912 –Died: 7 June 1954

Attended St.Michaels at six and then moved to Sherborne school in Dorset at thirteen.

He attended Kings College Cambridge University.

He was a Ultra-distance marathon runner.

Alan Turing: Revolutionary Code Breaker

His work with Enigma

In July 1939, the Polish Cipher Bureau passed on crucial information about the Enigma machine, which was used by the Germans to encipher all its military and naval signals. After September 1939, joined by other mathematicians at Bletchley Park, Turing rapidly developed a new machine (the ‘Bombe’) capable of breaking Enigma messages on an industrial scale. In other words he made a machine that was fed German codes and then gave back information in English