Empower Teachers, Empower Students

6 Hour Audio Course Is "breath of fresh air"

Professional Development On Your Schedule!!

Stand tall and proud in your classroom knowing you are the best teacher you can be! Empower The Teacher, Empower The Student Series I is a 6 hour downloadable MP3 course, you can take lying on a beach towel soaking up the rays or huddled by the fire over Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Know Thyself Teacher! Bringing the Art Back Into Teaching

Tools for loving yourself more and remembering each day why you became a teacher! Learn how can you help your students lead an empowered, considered life by developing your own inner strength, self-knowledge and resilience. Learn how to stay centered and focused no matter what happens in your classroom, and how to love students more and have them love you back.

Listen To "Messages From The Children"

Terese Damlos shares incredible wisdom and insight from children who want to help teachers understand who they are and what they need to thrive in the 21st Century. Each recorded episode has one message from them that teachers often cite as the most powerful part of the course. Don't miss this! Buy the course now.

Be On Their Side, Not On Their Back

This one change in attitude alone, can completely change the dynamic in your classroom. Imagine how a child who feels lost and lonely and expects adults to always be on their back will feel when the find a teacher who really cares.

Our Instructors

Guaranteed to be fun and enlightening!

A Breathe of Fresh Air!

Empower The Teacher, Empower The Student is not your run of the mill summer training. It takes you deeper than you imagined you could go into your journey as a 21st Century educator. Beyond accountability for test scores, this course challenges you to be accountable for who you are and to celebrate all of you!

Buy Now Only $47 Till Midnight December 31st

Only $47 on special until June 30th. Includes a guide you can complete for a total of 12 hours of professional development, and a free centering meditation video to help you clear and focus each day before you teach. So get it today and have the summer to enjoy Empower The Teacher, Empower The Student.