Water Fountain Parabolas Project

Bianca Joseph & Ashley Jeanes

Location of the fountain= B Hall

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Fountain with a Parabolic Curve

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Equation of the Parabola in Standard Form

Y= -x^2+4x-2

Equation of the parabola in vertex form


1. What does the height of water leaving the spout represent? How far up the water shoots out of the fountain. Y-axis and vertex.

2. At the spot where the water hits the tray, what is the relevance to the equation? This represents the zeros of the equation.

3. What is the maximum height of the water? 2 units

4. How far away from the spout is the water when it reaches its maximum height? 2 units

5. What is the domain related to the distance the water is from the spout? The x axis and represents the distance away from the spout when the water is at different heights. X values= 1,2,3

6. What is the range related to the height of the water? The y-axis, and represents the height of the water at different distances from the spout. Y-values=1,2,1

7. What 3 points were used to find the regression equation? (1,1), vertex=(2,2), (3,1)