History of Peter Pan

By: David Cooper and Aaron Chow


The original Peter Pan written by James Matthew Berry in the early 20th century. The character Peter Pan has appeared in various types of entertainment and literature such as plays, movies, and other novels.


Peter Pan was first introduced in a section of an adult novel called The Little White Bird. He later returned in his own play called Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up which premiered on December 27, 1904 through 1913. Peter Pan is a character who of course never grows old so he spends his time on neverland which is a magical world filled with fairies, mermaids, and other magical creatures. In neverland he lives with a group of children also without mothers and fathers trying to fight off the other inhabitants of the island like the pirates. He later travels to the normal world and brings back 3 ordinary kids to the island and asks the girl he brought back to be the mother of the lost boys and him. She accepts and throughout the book Wendy the girl takes care of the boys and peter as they go on their adventures and fight the pirates in Neverland.


James Matthew Barrie was a Scottish author born on May 9, 1860. James was remembered and is most known for his play/novel "Peter Pan". His father was David Barrie and his mother was Margaret Ogilvy. James was the ninth of ten children in his family. When he was older James went to University to study literature. In 1894 James married his wife Mary Ansell on July, 9. Years later in 1909 James learned that his wife had an affair with an associate of his, she refused to end it and get a divorce. So he sued for divorce and it was granted in July 1909. As Barrie developed as a author and a playwrite, later in 1911 he wrote the famous novel Peter Pan. At the age of 67 James Matthew Barrie died of pneumonia on June 19, 1937.