Allied Credit Consultants

Nationwide Asset Recovery by Allied Credit Consultants

About Allied Credit Consultants

Based in Orlando, Florida, Allied Credit Consultants is a professional debt-recovery service. Originally a single brick-and-mortar agency, Allied grew out of a need for nationwide debt recovery in the small business community.

Historically, when small businesses sent accounts to collection agencies, it was only possible to locate debtors in the immediate area. If a non-payer left the county or state, it became nearly impossible to locate that person. The debt collectors who formed Allied Credit saw potential for improvement and developed a large-scale network of debt-recovery professionals across the United States.

These debt-collection professionals across the nation pool their resources to better find people who skip out on payments. They practice specialized methods to locate debtors in order to collect on past-due accounts. Law firms, attorneys, and private investigators work together to save small businesses money and increase chances of asset recovery. Allied Consultants is fully licensed and bonded, and their team operates in full compliance with the Fair Debt Practice Act as well as statutes of limitations.