Greetings from AIESEC In Chennai

Recruitment 2016

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Thank you for registering

I hope you guys are going through an amazing recruitment process.

We will be completing the recruitment process in these 2 days i.e 5th and 6th of February 2016.

I hope everyone is done with their GD or its scheduled in these 2 days.

Please reply to this mailer or contact the undersigned Organising Committee member if your GD is not scheduled.

AIESEC in Chennai Office

AIESEC in Chennai Office, 4th Floor, NAC building,above ICICI Bank, Near AVM Rajeshwari Kalyani Mandapam, Mylapore

[Recap] How does the recruitment process work?

There will be 3 rounds of your selection process :-

-Group Discussion

-Personal interview 1

-Personal interview 2

Post this we will give you a call if you've gotten selected.

What you're about to go through is a beautiful experience.

Join the world's most collaborative purposeful and driven youth movement.

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For any query contact the following people :-

Pushkar Shankar

Organising Committee President

+91 9962844228

Ishan Singh

Organising Committee Vice President Student Sector

+91 9790451639

Aishwarya Mandoth

Organising Committee Vice President Student Sector

+91 9500029437