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January 2019

A Message from the Principal

Greetings Energy Bus Riders!!!

Happy New Year!

Each New Year brings new possibilities and opportunities. We return back to school and work with a renewed sense of purpose, embracing the exciting ventures as we set goals in hopes of obtaining them!

Creating a positive vision (Principal #2) and setting goals to support the outcome can be easy for many of us, but being consistent in taking the necessary steps to make our dreams a reality can be challenging. It can be difficult to break old thinking habits and replace those thoughts that create different behaviors. How can we ensure that we are moving forward in a positive direction as opposed to falling back to an old mindset of complacency and fear?

It begins with having a mindset of taking 100% responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and results - in other words, knowing that You are The Driver of Your Bus (Principle #1).

The Energy Bus principle we will focus on during the month of January is Principle #5: Transforming Negativity. Transform negativity is having the ability to look beyond our challenges and see amazing possibilities. This principle will help us as we become our best personal coach by turning challenges into opportunities, complaints into solutions, and negative energy into positive achievement!

Staying in the driver's seat and being aware that there may be a few bumps in the road, can help you assign meaning to those bumps and determine if they are "little bumps" or "big bumps". As the driver, you choose the kind of ride you're going to have!

Let's make 2019 the best year ever and continue to spread love and joy, as we transform negativity in our lives and in our school!

Buckle up and let's enjoy the ride together! Please be sure to read about all of the exciting events scheduled at SCES during the month of January!

Sending lots of positive energy your way for another amazing month!

Mrs. Meyer



What's Your #OneWord for 2019?

Each year, Energy Bus author Jon Gordon encourages us to come up with a #oneword that will guide our purpose for the New Year. Instead of creating endless goals and resolutions, we select one word that will be our driving force for the year. No goals. No wish lists. Just one word. Best of all… anyone, anytime can discover their word for the year. Simply think of a word that will help you remember your purpose and will fuel your ride when you are faced with challenges.

Once you have discovered your #oneword, feel free to use the license plate (attached below) to write your word as a reminder of your purpose this year. You can also have each family member come up with a #oneword for 2019!

SCES 2019 Science Fair Information & Preparation!

Our 2018-2019 Shoally Creek Science Fair is just around the corner!

Please join us as we partner with Boiling Springs High School to share information about science fair projects. This information night will be a time for the Science Department to share how to create a successful science fair project, share ideas for science fair projects, and a time for questions and answers!

Shoally Creek Science Fair Information Night

Monday, January 14

Shoally Creek Elementary Cafeteria

6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

*A science fair project is required for all 3rd and 4th grade students. All 3rd and 4th grade students will receive a major grade in science. The completion of a science fair project is encouraged for all 2nd grade students, and welcomed for all 1st grade and 5K students.

**Science Fair boards may be purchased for $5.00 at the Science Fair Information Night on Monday, January 14th or purchased through your child's teacher beginning Tuesday, January 15th. The boards are first come first serve. We will only accept cash/checks for the boards.

PTO Skate Night - Tuesday, January 22

Skate Palace

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Admission is $4.00 per person

Additional food & drinks available for purchase

2345 S Pine St, Spartanburg, SC 29302

January: Energy Bus Principle #5 - "Transform Negativity"

This month we will look at ways to turn challenges into great opportunities, complaints into solutions, and negative energy into positive achievement.

Yearbooks for Sale!

2018-2019 Shoally Creek Elementary School Yearbooks are currently on sale for $20.00 through the Josten's website,, or by sending a check or cash to school.

Upcoming January Events

January Events

*Tuesday, January 1 - Friday, January 4:

  • Happy New Year!
  • Holiday Break - No School

*Monday, January 7:

  • Students Return - Welcome Back!!

*Tuesday, January 8:

  • Have a terrific Tuesday!

*Wednesday, January 9:

  • Suzuki Strings Meet
  • Gifted Art Meet

*Thursday, January 10:

  • Shoally Singers Meet
  • Chick-fil-A Spirit Night (4:30 pm - 8:00 pm)

*Friday, January 11:

  • Signed Papers
  • SCES Spirit Day - Wear School T-shirt/Colors
  • Energy Bus Positive Pep Rally

*Monday, January 14:

  • 90th Day (End of Quarter 2)
  • SCES Science Fair Information Night at SCES at 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm in the Cafeteria

*Tuesday, January 15:

  • Spartanburg District 2 School Board Meeting at 7:00 PM

*Wednesday, January 16:

  • Suzuki Strings Meet
  • Gifted Art Meet

*Thursday, January 17:

  • Quarter 2 Report Cards & Signed Papers
  • Shoally Singers Meet

*Friday, January 18:

  • SCES Spirit Day - Wear School T-shirt/Colors
  • Quarter 2 Awards Day Celebrations (1st grade at 12:00; 2nd grade at 12:30, 3rd grade at 1:00 and 4th grade at 1:30)

*Saturday, January 19:

  • Shoally Singers Perform National Anthem at the Greenville Swamp Rabbit hockey game!

*Monday, January 21:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - No School

*Tuesday, January 22:

  • SCES PTO Skate Night (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
  • Yearbook Orders Due by January 25, 2019

*Wednesday, January 23:

  • Class Pictures
  • SIC Meeting at 3:00 pm in Media Center
  • Yearbook Orders Due by January 25, 2019
  • Suzuki Strings Meet
  • Gifted Art Meet

*Thursday, January 24:

  • Yearbook Orders Due by January 25, 2019
  • Quarter 2 Terrific Kids Ceremony at 8:00 am
  • Shoally Singers Meet

*Friday, January 25:

  • Yearbook Orders Due TODAY!
  • Quarter 2 Principals' Pals
  • Club Day
  • SCES Spirit Day - Wear School T-shirt/Colors

*Monday, January 28:

  • Have a marvelous Monday!

*Tuesday, January 29:

  • Have a terrific Tuesday!

*Wednesday, January 30:

  • Suzuki Strings Meet
  • Gift Art Meet

*Thursday, January 31:

  • Shoally Singers Meet

*Friday, February 1:

  • SCES Spirit Day - Wear School T-shirt/Colors
  • Signed Papers
  • Energy Bus Positive Pep Rally

Morning Drop-off Procedures

Just a couple friendly reminders regarding morning drop-off procedures of our students:

  • 1. Kindergarten and 1st grade students (and older siblings) drop-off at the back of the school (Kindergarten line); while 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders drop-off at the front of the school. This allows for a more even number of drop-offs at both places.

  • 2. Please pull all the way forward when dropping-off students at the front of the school. This keeps the car line moving and affords for more cars to unload at one time. We have two entrances (200 and 300 wings) in which students can enter to safely get into the building and move to their classrooms. For everyone's safety, please refrain from going around vehicles while in the drop-off lane.

  • 3. The supervising staff members go inside at 7:38 am. Students are to be in their classrooms by the 7:40 am tardy bell. Please escort your student into the front office after 7:38 am. Morning routines & classroom instruction begin at 7:30 am each morning.

We certainly appreciate your understanding and cooperation when it comes to following these procedures.


*Important to have current phone numbers & email addresses:

  • Please make sure that you are stressing to your school families that they need to have the correct email and phone number in school messenger. Otherwise, they may not receive important information like school-cancellation calls or registration information.

*From Bus Transportation Department Concerning School Delays:

  • When we have a 1-hour delay, the bus will arrive at the bus stop 1 hour from the normal pick-up time. So, if the bus normally arrives at 6;15 am, then on a one-hour delay, it will arrive at 7:15 am.

  • When we have a 2-hour delay, the bus will arrive at the bus stop 2 hours from the normal time. So, if the bus normally arrives at 6:15 am, then on a two-hour delay, it will arrive at 8:15 am.

*Transportation Changes:

All afternoon transportation changes must be communicated to the front office by 11:00 am. Please reference the Student Handbook for further information.


Please remember the South Carolina Compulsory Attendance Laws and Regulations in regards to the number of minutes students must attend school each day. Every minute that a student is not in class is counted and reported to the state. If a student misses even 15 minutes of class, this adds up to over an hour of class each week. Please make every minute count for learning!

2018 - 2019 School Improvement Council

Thank you to everyone that submitted nominations, as well as all those that submitted voting ballots for the 2018-2019 School Improvement Council!

The SCES 2018-2019 SIC

Mr. Darryl Kosiorek, Co-Chair

Mr. Micah Horton, Co-Chair

Ms. Ashtyn Gardner, Title 1 Parent-Liaison, Secretary

Mr. Tim Reece

Ms. Diane Threlkeld

Ms. Stacie Horton

Mr. Brandon Baynard

Ms. Kelly McLean

Ms. Laura Szynalsk

Ms. Laura Meyer

Lunch Application - Click on the Link Below

Free & Reduced Lunch Benefit Application

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Bus Transportation Regulations & Safety Information

Please visit this link for information on district bus transportation regulations and safety information:

Contact Information

Shoally Creek Elementary School

3777 Parris Bridge Road

Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316