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April 4, 2016

School-wide Behavior Goal

At the last PBIS meeting, the team decided to set a school-wide Panther Points Goal to motivate good behavior for the remainder of the school year. For classes that reported points, class totals ranged from 80 to 3,052 this past week. If everyone will faithfully report points each Friday, our school total should be what it was this week…18,685 points! This is our starting total. With seven full weeks left, I would like to propose a school-wide goal of 150,000 points.

In addition to a school-wide goal, we will also designate days and times to open a Panther PAWS Store where students can cash in points for gift items. Store times will be announced soon. We will also design a simple form that teachers can initial and use to record student point totals before visiting the store to “cash in” their points for a prize. The Elks purchased the store items with input from some of our teachers. The store will be in the PTA room near first grade. If you are looking for other PBIS incentive ideas, one of our wonderful teachers (thank you Mrs. Davenport) pointed me to

The PBIS Team needs a few artistic teachers to help create a large display for the lunchroom that will show our end goal…perhaps a giant thermometer with BEACH DAY CELEBRATION at the top of the thermometer. We will use this display to show our school's progress toward the school-wide goal.

Survey Time

As I shared in an email last week, starting this week, Ms. Matthews and I will be coming to classrooms in Grades 3 through 6 to administer student surveys. If you are a Grade 3 through Grade 6 classroom teacher, all you need to do is email Mrs. Scott the best time for us to visit your classroom. She is putting together a survey schedule.

All certified staff have been asked to complete the Alabama Technology Transform 2020 Survey no later than Friday, April 15. This survey has to do with technology use and allows our school system to continue to receive fundings for technology.

If you are a fifth or sixth grade teacher, you have been asked to take a Teacher Perception Survey that will allow you to provide feedback regarding honors/advanced placement student options. The due date for this short survey is the end of the week, April 8.

PE too have a survey to complete if you haven't already done so. This PE Survey is for PD and additional funding. Only PE teachers complete this survey.

April and May Dates

Again, dates specific to your grade level have been left off to keep the list less cumbersome.

April Dates

  • April 6 - Leadership Team Meeting
  • April 8 – Half Day for Students & Half Day PD for Teachers
  • April 13 - After School Faculty Learning Lab (3:30)
  • April 11 through April 22 - DIBELS Testing Window
  • April 14 – Talent Show (6:00 pm at HHS auditorium)
  • April 18 through April 27 - Early Literacy & STAR Testing Window
  • April 26 - PBIS Team Meeting (3:30)
  • April 28 - Data/Instructional Meetings (during PE times)
  • April 29 – K for a Day (9:00 to 10:30 or 12:30 to 2:00)

May Dates

  • May 2 through May 6 – Teacher Appreciation Week & ACT Aspire Testing
  • May 6 - Stop AR Testing (new proposed date)
  • May 11 - After School Faculty Learning Lab (3:30)
  • May 12 & 13 - AR Store (new proposed date)
  • May 16 through May 23 - SchoolNet Testing
  • May 23 - AR Ceremony (new proposed date)
  • May 24 – Beach Day (Pre-K – Grade 2)
  • May 25 – Beach Day (Grade 3 – Grade 6)
  • May 26 – Last Day for Students
  • May 27 - Last Day for Teachers

Jamie Burton

School Vision – Be THE model of EQUITY and EXCELLENCE in elementary education

School Mission – Maintain a culture where ALL students BLOSSOM, EXPLORE & SUCCEED