Charity Gorman

Why Does This Organization Exist?

Domestic Violence-Violent/aggressive behavior within the homes, and typically between spouses or partners

247 people out of 10 000 are usually involved in some for of domestic abuse. Some of those people have children. These people can't stay where they are, its not safe for them. Both women AND men are abused, and they all need somewhere to go and get help. Stop this stereotype. That's why the R.V.A.A.P. (Relationship Violence Alternative Assistance Program) was created.

Here we recognize that some individuals need some assistance escaping difficult situations, and need some one to help them get back on their feet. If they is you or someone you know, then don't hesitate to contact us. We cater to your needs and help you to get back out into the world and to hopefully help other people in similar situations so that less and less people feel like they are trapped.

What De We Offer?

Here we offer not only a temporary place to stay, but we also provide free workshops that teach some things that may be beneficial to getting back out on your own. *not mandatory but highly recommended* such as:

  • Separate temporary living quarters for men and women
  • workshops on various topics
  • Support groups
  • And many more!

It Doesn't Stop, Unless You Make It.

Extra Info

  • We are open 24/7
  • currently have lots of space available
  • non profit organization (all money goes to the housing and feeding of the temporary residents)
  • Annual fundraisers go towards the housing, feeding, and workshops for residents

Unfortunately, we can only house people 16-35 (individually) and anyone with children
every family type is welcome (same sex, blended, extended, lone parents with their children etc.) seeking a safe environment free of domestic abuse are welcome.

We Are Here To Help

Visit our head office or one of the many other buildings we have by checking out our website below!