Egyptians and Aztec Religion

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A long time ago there were two Ancient civilizations that might have been apparent at different time periods they were very similar in their ways of religion and mythology.

What were some of the Ancient Aztec and Ancient Egyptian gods like?

The Aztecs had a creator god and another god that is the ruler of all gods. Along with many other gods that were also believed to be very powerful these were the most powerful. Tåiloc the rain god and Tezcatlipoca the sun god were also worshiped a lot because they were believed to provide them with vital resources. These gods were big reasons the Aztecs performed sacrifices. Itzpapalotl Cihuatl and Itzpapalotl Totec were the gods who were thought to watch over the sacrifices though. The Egyptians gods were all thought of being equally powerful in the way that they were all better than people. Although, Horus was known Best because he was god of the pharaoh. The Egyptians also had a god of the sun- Ra- but instead of looking to them mostly for crops the Egyptians thought of Ra as also helping with a lot of rituals. The Egyptians had many other gods, but for more basic things compared to the Ancient Aztecs.

Aztec Gods

Egyptian Gods

What did the Ancient Aztecs and Ancient Egyptians Rely on their Gods For?

The Aztecs depended on their gods for things like food water, they also expected their gods for favors like going into war and winning. On the other hand the Egyptians asked their gods for a good crop season and luck with farming, but they were also very resourceful, and made irrigation systems to keep their plants alive just in case something went wrong, the Egyptians did ask their gods for success in trading and war though.

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How did the Ancient Aztecs and Ancient Egyptians Worship their Gods?

The Aztecs sacrificed people to the gods to please them. They did this because they believed when they came out of a dry season with no crops or rain they believed their gods were disappointed or angry. The Aztecs built temples for these sacrifices. Even if they did have good luck and success in everything they believed they owed their gods and still enacted sacrifices. The Aztecs also performed special dances and rituals for their gods. The Egyptians worshiped their gods with rituals and monuments to make their gods happy, but their were no sacrifices that were done for their gods and their pyramids were more for deceased pharaohs.

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What did the Ancient Aztec and Egyptian Civilizations have in Common?

The Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs were very religious and thought strongly of their beliefs. Both Ancient Aztecs and Ancient Egyptians had lots of gods and both civilizations worship them a lot. Both of the ancient civilizations believed their gods would give them necessary resources if they had been good. They both built pyramids and temples for their gods or for their gods to find. Both civilizations even had similar calendars for birthdays of gods and spiritual holidays.