Social Justice Week

Monday, March 23rd - Friday, March 27th

Social Justice Week 2015 (March 23-March 27) is a week-long series of events on campus focused around local, national, and global social injustices. WE LEAD, along with several other organizations, will be hosting guest speakers, projects, and educational events throughout the week.

We invite you to attend any one or several of these events!

Social Justice Week Schedule at a Glance

- Threads of Hope bracelet sale, Lunch at the Switchboard
- Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event, 4:30pm-7:00pm in the Side Dining Hall
- Guest Speaker Sarah Riley, 7:00pm in the Upshur Reading Room (first floor of AMP Library)


- Special Chapel Service with Angela Pittinger, 11 am in the Meditation Chapel
- Stand for Freedom, 6:00am-7:00pm in the Chapel Oval
- The Clothesline Project, Lunch and dinner outside of Aladdin

- Threads of Hope, Lunch at the Switchboard
- The Clothesline Project, Lunch and dinner outside of Aladdin
- The Trevor Project, 3:00pm in the Loar Auditorium
- A Place at the Table, 6:30pm in the Social Hall
- Appalachian Experience, 7:00pm in the Center for Community Engagement

- Cardboard City, 4:00pm-Friday morning 6:00am in the Chapel Oval

- Threads of Hope, Lunch at the Switchboard
- Peace Luminaries, 7:30pm throughout the evening in the Chapel Oval


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Threads of Hope - Lunch at the Switchboard

“Threads of Hope assists the economically oppressed in underdeveloped countries to establish home enterprises that will provide an income through the development of products that can be sold worldwide. Funds generated through sales and donations will primarily be used to help meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the communities where the products are made.”

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Stop Hunger Now meal packaging – 4:30pm, Side Dining Hall

The Stop Hunger Now meal-packaging event is a project in which volunteers package nutrient-rich meals that will be distributed globally to address hunger relief. This is a hands on and very rewarding experience for all the volunteers, as they have the opportunity to package the raw ingredients, weigh and seal bags, and box the packages to be sent internationally. Each package can feed 5-6 people and therefore if we package 17,000 meals at our event, we will impact at least 85 000 people who need emergency food services.

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Guest Speaker Sarah Riley – 7:00pm, Upshur Reading Room (first floor of AMP Library)

Sarah Riley serves as the Executive Director of High Rocks Educational Corporation in Pocahontas County. A graduate with honors from Harvard University where she studied history with a focus on economic underdevelopment, Sarah says that the mountains of WV called her home with their glory, hope, and hardness. She returned with the inspiration to provide young West Virginian girls with a nurturing environment for growth and education. Sarah will provide her own perspective on successful community organizing – particularly in the context of rural Appalachia.


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Stand for Freedom – 6:00am – 7:00pm, Chapel Oval

Stand for Freedom is an event sponsored by the International Justice Mission - one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations around the world. The event was designed to bring awareness to the different types of slavery still in existence around the globe today, as well as educate students about the facts and what decisions they can make every day to make an impact and help work towards the eradication of modern day slavery. Students will have the opportunity through a one-hour informative session to stand for freedom, learn about human trafficking globally, domestically, and locally, learn about different ways they can help to make a difference in their everyday lives, and participate in activities that can and will make a difference.

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The Clothesline Project – Lunch and dinner, Outside of Aladdin

The Clothesline Project is an event designed to engage victims and bystanders of domestic violence and sexual assaults in an awareness project that provides participants the opportunity to create a t-shirt based on their experiences. The shirts will then be collected and displayed on a clothesline on campus Friday.


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The Trevor Project – 3:00pm, Loar Auditorium

PRISM is hosting a workshop about anxiety, depression, and suicide in LGBT individuals and how to create a safe space to discuss these issues.

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A Place at the Table – 6:30pm, Social Hall

The Healthy Lifestyles team will be facilitating a documentary screening that “investigates incidents of hunger experienced by millions of Americans, and proposed solutions to the problem.”

Appalachian Experience – 7:00pm, Center for Community Engagement

The Appalachian Experience issue team will be hosting a meeting to discuss an overview of the most prominent social justice issues of Appalachia.


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Cardboard City – 4:00pm (through 6:00am Friday), Chapel Oval

Come home bring awareness to poverty while experiencing what homeless people go through everyday. You can create and spend the night in your own cardboard dwelling, have a soup dinner, compete for prizes and become more educated on homelessness and poverty.


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Peace Luminaries – 7:30pm throughout the evening, Chapel Oval

Everyone is invited to join WE LEAD to celebrate an evening of peace and reflection at the end of an exciting and eye-opening week.

Feel free to contact Angela Pittinger (, Jess Walter (, or JT Noland ( for more information.