MKS July 2020 News

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A Great Start to Summer Classes!

As we have started our first week of Summer classes this week, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for a sense of "normal" as students have returned to the building!

On Tuesday evening, I stood in the lobby and could see the students through the blinds. And although we were wearing masks in the lobby, students were social distancing in the classroom, and we have upped our already stringent cleaning protocols, there was just something so "right" in that moment. Hearing the music and seeing kids moving and dancing filled my heart with joy and hope for the future!

I am reminded that this is a temporary situation.

I am reminded of God's faithfulness and grace in life as we make choices along the way to make the best of less than ideal circumstances.

I am reminded that hope abounds as we extend that grace to others, remembering the Golden Rule.

May you be blessed & encouraged this summer, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

2020-21 Theme - Voice of the King

Although we may not know exactly what this coming year will look like, we know we serve a God who is constant and who knows what is ahead! We can trust in Him and in His voice to guide and lead us as we dance and tumble for Him.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing what God has in store for the 2020-21 season. I know that I grow the most during the difficult times in life. I have been growing so much in the last few months, and I am sure I have more to learn in the year ahead.

We hope that your family will learn and grow with us as we listen to the "Voice of the King" in 2020-21!

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MKS Important Dates


June 30 - July 30


July 21-23 & July 28-30

*We typically have 1 Watch Week for all families of Summer Session dancers, but this year we are going to have 2 weeks of Watch Weeks to allow for social distancing in the lobby. Please have only 1-2 Family members come, and please only come 1 WEEK. Thank you so much!

NOW - 9/15

$15 off the 2020-21 registration fee for families!

FRI 8/28 - THURS 9/3

First Week of 2020-21 Classes

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We are a family-friendly dance studio that offers a Christ-centered environment. Dance at MKS is about using your talents, strengthening your body and mind, and building character.